The mark of a truly successful individual is that of one who is able to craft a unique vision and then apply themselves to bring it to life
— Karl Valere


WhoIsAriel was born in Queens and raised in Elmont NY.  His first introduction to creating music was the summer of 2008 when he first got his hands on FL Studio, a music production software on an old desktop in his basement.  At the age of 13 he quickly became attached to music and spent nearly every day messing around with making beats.  Over the years, he taught himself how to play piano and later learned his way around guitar, bass, and even a little bit of drums.  For a while, just being able to create instrumentals was enough for him but somewhere along the line it all changed.  Around the age of 16 he began writing poetry and within the next year he was making beats, rapping, and writing songs.  After purchasing his own recording equipment, he learned the ins and outs of engineering as well as graphic design and photography over time.  Having full control of his brand and being able to build it all from the bottom up was his goal.  Taking music seriously since the age of 18, he is now 22 with 2 official full length projects: The Golden Tape and Zoose.  Zoose, being his latest project, shows his tremendous growth and versatility as an artist/producer by bringing Hip Hop to a new and modern space while preserving the essentials of the genre.  Ariel sets himself apart through lyrical prowess and his gift for production. On top of all that, Ariel and his team are also producing events around the city and steadily growing their following.

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People do relate his sound and look to J. Cole, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Nas. And though, he does appreciate the music and the art that they create, he sees himself as his own person and creating his own style.
— Ebony